Artist Statement

“I remember when I was a boy going upon the beach and being charmed with the colors and forms of the shells. I picked up many and put them in my pocket. When I got home I could find nothing that I gathered–nothing but some dry ugly mussel and snail shells. Thence I learned that Composition was more important than the beauty of individual forms….On the shore they lay wet and social by the sea and under the sky.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson (Journal May 16, 1834)

The focus of my work explores the possibility of going beyond the limits of utility.

Through the use of color and form, an investigation of the division and the reassembling of disparate elements is considered either for special celebration or for everyday use. I am inspired by the results of process, the interactions of color and form, and the physiognomic perception of an object. In my work, intent of function is vital and inescapable. My goal is to challenge the viewer’s notion of an object’s “use”, while assuring that the vessel performs flawlessly in its function and beautifully in its appearance.